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Memoir 44 - Battle of Buy-Sell Town 1921

Event Type: Miniatures
Number of Players: 2 to 6
Player Level: Beginner
Description: In 1921, the Russian Civil War winds down but spills over to Mongolia as a crazed renegade White general - the Bloody White Baron - seeks to carve out his own resurgent Mongolian empire. Outnumbered, he leads his desperate veterans, Japanese, and Tibetan troops from the Dalai Lama against an isolated but important financial town held by the Chinese. Fast moving action using 15mm figures and modified Memoir 44-type card-driven activation rules.

Gamemaster: Ray Kunstmanas


# Times (Duration) Location (Building:Room:Table Number) Slots Left Registration
1 Sat 3:00 PM to Sat 7:00 PM (4 hours) Student Center:Grand Hall:8 1 Log in to sign up