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Shadows Over Camelot - Shadows Over Camelot

Event Type: Board/Card
Number of Players: 4 to 8
Player Level: Beginner
Description: Players are knights of the Round Table collaborating to overcome quests, such as defeating the Black Knight or seeking the Holy Grail. Completed quests place white swords on the Round Table; failed quests add black swords. The knights are trying to build a majority of white swords on the Table before Camelot falls. One of the knights may be a traitor, pretending to be a loyal member of the party but secretly hindering the loyal knights, waiting to strike at the worst possible moment.

Gamemaster: Brent Nall


# Times (Duration) Location (Building:Room:Table Number) Slots Left Registration
1 Sat 3:00 PM to Sat 7:00 PM (4 hours) Student Center:Sammy's:2 6 Log in to sign up