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Red Dragon Inn - Red Dragon Inn

Event Type: Board/Card
Number of Players: 4 to 7
Player Level: Beginner
Description: Greetings! You and your comrades have just finished saving the world and are celebrating your victory over a pint of ale at the Red Dragon Inn. A fun easy to pick up and play competitive game, great for beginners and experts alike! All expansion characters will be available for intermediate/expert players. NOTE: the morning session is located in a room that must be reached by climbing a flight of stairs.

Gamemaster: Jocelyn Kirby


# Times (Duration) Location (Building:Room:Table Number) Slots Left Registration
1 Sat 8:00 PM to Sun 12:00 AM (4 hours) Rayzor Hall:304:1 2 Log in to sign up
2 Sat 10:00 AM to Sat 2:00 PM (4 hours) Student Center:Mid-Level Conf Room:1 0 Log in to sign up