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Commissioned - Commissioned

Event Type: Board/Card
Number of Players: 2 to 6
Player Level: Beginner
Description: You're on a Mission! The most important mission of all time! Step into Biblical times in Commissioned, a 2-6 player cooperative-style board game where you will be the early Christian Apostles and must work together to mature your faith decks, grow the church, collect the books of the New Testament, and overcome persecution. Will you succeed in spreading the Faith? Estimated play time is 2 hrs. You've been commissioned! NOTE: this game is located in a room that can only be reached by stairs.

Gamemaster: Nathan Scallon


# Times (Duration) Location (Building:Room:Table Number) Slots Left Registration
1 Sat 3:00 PM to Sat 5:00 PM (2 hours) Student Center:Mid-Level Conf Room:1 3 Log in to sign up
2 Sat 5:00 PM to Sat 7:00 PM (2 hours) Student Center:Mid-Level Conf Room:1 6 Log in to sign up