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Call of CATthulhu - Catthulhu's Nightmare

Event Type: Tabletop RPG
Number of Players: 3 to 6
Player Level: Beginner
Description: Of course cats love naps in sunbeams, but things are getting ridiculous. Not only are more cats spending more time taking more naps, but so are the humans, dogs, prey... except for a few. Play as a group of cats who haven't been able to sleep for days, chased out of Dream by shambling nightmares. Figure out why you can't sleep, but everyone else seems to be unable to wake. This is a new Call of CATthulhu adventure specially written for this year's Owlcon! Don't tell the humans!

Gamemaster: Zoey Boles (Gamium)


# Times (Duration) Location (Building:Room:Table Number) Slots Left Registration
1 Fri 8:00 PM to Sat 12:00 AM (4 hours) Rayzor Hall:227:1 0 Log in to sign up