Registration Instructions

This year we have given our attendees much more autonomy in the registration process. You will register for events and alter your own schedule online during pre-registration as well as during the convention! In order to help this new process go smoothly, we have created a multi-stage rollout plan.

If you are registering for a Weekend Badge, be aware that we are constantly getting more game submissions. We will allow you to register for 3 events at the start of pre-reg. After a few weeks, we will allow you to completely fill your schedule.

If you are registering for a One Day Badge, these numbers will be reduced accordingly. You can sign up for 2 events at the beginning of pre-reg. Once more events are available, you will be able to completely fill your schedule.

How To Register

  1. Create an account on this site (if you have not already).
  2. Once badge payment opens:
    1. Log in on this site.
    2. Go to the "Attendees" drop down and click on "Badge Purchase" to get to the badge selection page.
    3. Click on the badge type you want and it will take you to the Rice Marketplace site (on a new tab in your browser).
  3. Complete and submit your registration via Rice Marketplace. You must enter the same email address you used for your account in the “email address” box. This is the only way we can link your account to your payment!
  4. Once Registration receives payment notification, we will send you an email explaining next steps with relevant dates.

    Note: This is one of the few processes that we still must do by hand (verifying payment through Rice Marketplace and assigning the appropriate badge to each attendee). Please allow up to 72 hours after payment for our Registration Coordinators to process your badge assignment. You will receive an email when you are able to sign up for events.

  5. Once event signup opens, you can view and pre-register for your events by going to the Events Overview and Event Listings
  6. After you have pre-registered for events, you can view and/or edit your schedule by going to your My Convention page (you must be logged into your OwlCon account to get to this page).

Badge Purchasing Will Not Be Allowed The Week Before OwlCon

We will interrupt badge purchase to facilitate the necessary printing of t-shirts and badges as follows:

Important Dates For This Year

For any questions, please contact Registration using the Contact Us link at the bottom left of this site.