Our Flyer

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Our Convention

OwlCon is an annual gaming convention hosted by FastWarp, the student gaming club, at Rice University, Houston, Texas, dating back to 1980. We feature role playing games (both tabletop and live action), miniatures games and events, board games, card games, exhibitors and more. Gaming events include feature tournaments, celebrity GMs, and hordes of official demo folks for various game systems.

Our Attendees

OwlCon attracts around 750 people each year. The attendees are a mixed bunch, ranging from pre-teens to senior citizens. Income and education levels for OwlCon attendees fall all across the spectrum for the region; the only common denominator is a love of games!

Our Venue

OwlCon occurs on the Rice University campus. Most events are hosted in the Student Center, but some events occur in other buildings within short walking distance of each other. OwlCon's priority is providing space for gaming; space for exhibitors is limited with this in mind. The Exhibitor Hall has many tables for gaming as well as exhibitors, guaranteeing traffic.