Attendee Info

Events sign up is possible if you have a badge; log in to see if you have one.
You must have an account on this site in order to register for the convention or sign up for games. Just "Sign Up" (or Log In, if you have an account) to get started.

Next, you will need a badge (if you think you have one, please log in to check). There are two ways to get a badge:

  1. Purchase a badge
  2. Earn a free badge by helping us out

Note: You will need to wait until pre-registration is open to purchase a badge.

To sign up for events:
  1. You need a badge (log in to see if you have one)
  2. Event signup needs to open

If this is your first time with us, you might find the following information helpful.

Attending OwlCon

At OwlCon, we welcome spectators, but to participate in events you will need to register and then signup for events via this site. The only time you need to visit our Registration desk is to pick up your badge and shirt. All information specific to you can be found on your My Convention page.

Registering for OwlCon

Registering to be an Attendee involves 1) creating an account on and 2) purchasing or earning a Badge.

Earning a Badge for OwlCon

OwlCon is executed by volunteers. You can earn a badge (and t-shirt) for OwlCon by joining our volunteer ranks. For more information, please see our Volunteer page.

Purchasing a Badge at OwlCon

Because OwlCon is run via a student organization at Rice, our badge purchase process is handled via the Rice Marketplace. Once you purchase a badge there, we will have to process that purchase and assign the appropriate badge to your account on We correlate your purchase to your account via the email address you provide for your account; please be sure to accurately provide it when you make your purchase.

Signing Up for Events

To sign up for Events at OwlCon, the following needs to be true.

  • Registration is open
  • You are logged in
  • You have a badge assigned to you

If all of these are true, you will then be able to sign up for sessions of events.