Volunteering at OwlCon 2023

There are a number of volunteer roles at OwlCon 2023. To sign up as a volunteer, you will need to log into your account and then look for the appropriate link below (they will appear after you log in) or on your My Convention page. The general categories of volunteer roles are as follows.


Coordinators are the folks that plan and run the convention. The work load and responsibility for Coordinators vary considerably from role to role, but they are all rewarding and fun. All Coordinators receive a free badge and a t-shirt (that are distinct in appearance from the regular convention t-shirts). To sign up as a Coordinator, you will need to contact the Director first (just click on the "Contact" link at the bottom left of the page) to request to be a Coordinator.


Hosts (formerly known as Gamemasters) run the various gaming events at our convention. Without Hosts, there really is no convention. Hosts that run a sufficient amount of games (typically, two 4-hour games for at least 6 players each) will receive a free badge and t-shirt.

Please review our Host Information Packet.

Staff Member

The OwlCon Staff are the folks that help us execute the convention itself. The primary duties include setting up, staffing the Registration area, general assistance, running messages or forms, and breaking down the convention. Volunteers who work for at least two shifts (shifts are around 5 hours each) will receive a free badge and t-shirt.