Special Guests

Information for our Special Guests is listed below as they are booked and the information is provided. Please check back periodically for the latest information.

Thurston Hillman

Image of ThurstonHillman

Thurston Hillman is the Managing Creative Director for Starfinder at Paizo Inc. He lives in the frigid tundra of Canadia, where he plays a lot of tabletop games and wargames. Thurston started his career as a freelance writer, having credits with companies like Cubicle 7, EN Publishing, and Paizo. He went on to start his full-time career in games as a developer for Paizo’s Organized Play programs, launching the Starfinder Society program in 2017. He now manages the Starfinder line and is knee-deep in the design on Starfinder 2nd Edition. In his lamentably small amount of spare time, he GMs for several Narrative Declaration actual plays, including the completed Warhams show and the ongoing Rotgrind campaign. You can find him online on most things at @OnCallGM.

Adam Daigle

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Adam Daigle works at Paizo as the Director of Game Development where he leads Pathfinder’s narrative team in creating some of the best fantasy adventures out there. Daigle lives in Redmond, Washington and enjoys cooking and listening to music when he’s not working. Raised in Southeast Texas under the glow of refineries, Daigle always loves coming back to Texas to see friendly faces, eat some good food, and have fun times!

Jeremy Corff

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Hello! I’m Jeremy and I have been a gamer for most of my life, a Starfinder/Pathfinder Venture Agent for a few of those, and a freelance writer and artist for the last six years. I have written rules content, designed items, feats, and classes, as well as written adventures for several publishers.