Exhibitor Primer

Note: We recommend that that all Exhibitors familiarize themselves with our convention and our policies.

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Being an Exhibitor at OwlCon

Thank you for your interest in being an Exhibitor at OwlCon. To submit a request to be an Exhibitor, you will need to do the following:

  1. If you do not already have an account on owlcon.com, you will need to Register.
  2. Log into your account
  3. Submit a request to be an Exhibitor (when you log in, there will be an "Request Exhibitor Tables" link near the top of this page and in the navigation bar)

Note: Please bear in mind our Exhibitor Policy. Tables are not assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. To provide a good mix of Exhibitors for our attendees, it is necessary to wait for a critical mass of potential Exhibitors before assigning tables. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Exhibitor Policy

OwlCon provides exhibitor space with the primary intent of strengthening the local gaming community while providing a interesting mixture of exhibitors for our participants. Our ideal exhibitor is a local merchant that caters to the gaming community. We also welcome other vendors and providers of services that are commonplace at gaming conventions. Table space is awarded at the judgement of the Exhibitor Coordinator based on which exhibitors they feel will best achieve our goals; the timing of your submission does not guarantee a spot.

Access Policy

OwlCon does not charge for spectating, so anyone can come and watch OwlCon and visit the exhibitors without paying a fee.

Exhibitor Space Definition

A single table/booth is defined as a rectangular area 6 feet wide and 8.5 feet from the back wall. You will be expected to setup WITHIN this space. We will provide a single table for this space that is a 30"x 72" rectangle. There will be an approximately 36"-wide gap between adjacent exhibitor areas; this is a required space for safety and access and exhibitors will not be allowed to encroach into this space.

The cost for a single table/booth is $70.00.

Exhibitor Power

Power outlets are very limited in the Exhibitor Hall. Exhibitors are expected to share outlets, and to permit other exhibitors to run taped-down extension cords behind their allocated space if requested. Exhibitors are responsible for bringing their own power strips and extension cords if power is needed.

Exhibitor Wall Space

Booths are generally positioned against a wall to facilitate the hanging of banners and advertisements. Exhibitors should bring tape or a stand/pole to support banners; please note that the only type of tape that is allowed is that which does not leave a residue (.e.g., "painter's tape). Nails/hooks cannot be used and are not available.

Exhibitor Table Dressing

A tablecloth will be provided to cover each table, but skirting must be provided by the exhibitor if it is so desired. An additional dark tablecloth will be provided for exhibitors to cover their wares with when they shut down their tables for the night.